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BKA weekend and one-day courses

The BKA offers weekend courses and a variety of one day workshops for adults, which will introduce or further their knowledge of putting Kodály’s ideas into practice whether they be classroom teachers, nursery teachers or group leaders in a variety of musical situations. The principles remain the same whatever the age group; all skills are taught in a structured and progressive way. For this reason the majority of our weekends and workshops are suitable for those who work with both Early Years and Primary Years, i.e, Keystages 1 and 2. The difference in the age groups is reflected in choosing the appropriate song material. The Kodály approach attaches great importance to the issue of song selection - songs are chosen for their appropriateness to the vocal range of the student and in order to develop specific musical skills at different levels. The selection of song repertoire and how to make the best use of it is an element of every course.

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"From folk music, sooner or later you can get straight to the highest levels of art music." Zoltán Kodály

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