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August 9 - 15, 2015

Kodály Summer School

University of Leicester, Digby Hall, Stoughton Drive South, Leicester, LE2 2NB

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The British Kodály Academy is a registered charity working to promote the advancement of British music education, following the teachings of the composer and educator Zoltán Kodály.

The BKA runs courses for all adults. The annual programme of general courses and accredited courses is for specialist and non-specialist music teachers in all settings, whether working with children or adults, including early years and instrumental teachers and choir directors. It is also for everyone wanting to develop their own singing, musicianship and, where applicable, conducting skills. All courses offer an opportunity to view and purchase a wide range of books and resources to support learning and teaching at all stages.

The BKA is a not-for-profit organization which relies mainly on the subscriptions of its members. Run by a dedicated team of trustees and officers, the BKA is proud of its distinguished patrons and its affiliation to the International Kodály Society (IKS) and welcomes links with other like-minded people and organisations sympathetic to its aims. Membership is open to all.

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"Everyone who learns an instrument should sing first. Singing, independent of an instrument, is the real and profound schooling of musical abilities." Zoltán Kodály

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